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Amanda Saraceno
Juliana LeBlanc

My name is Darian Desmarais and I have been working at Klever Kids Preschool since 2012 in the toddler room as the assistant.  I'm also qualified in the school age room and help when needed.  I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend of 9 years, friends and family.  I have really enjoyed working here for the past 6 years and I feel like I have made an impact on the children's lives and they have made one on mine as well!

Amy Tousignant

Hello, my name Amy Tousignant and I am the pre-k teacher here at Klever Kids.  You  may see me on occasion in the infant, toddler, school age, or preschool rooms as I am qualified to work in any room.  By attending seminars I keep informed of current information available in the early childhood education field.  I have been married for 28 years and have three children.

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