"tell me and i'll forget. show me & i may remember. involve me & i learn". Benjamin Franklin
Infant Classroom​

Our infant room is designed to create a very nurturing atmosphere.  Teachers will spend time with your infant ensuring their individual needs are met.  Throughout the day they will be exposed to a wide variety of learning experiences.  Language is a very important part of our curriculum - singing, music, reading, talking/babbling, and even simple sign language will occur.  At the end of each day parents can take home a "day sheet" that the teachers complete throughout the day regarding eating habits, diaper changes, sleep times, and other activities that your infant will experience.

​Toddler 1 & 2 Classrooms

The toddler room is a very busy place.  Throughout the day they will experience a wide variety of activities.  The teachers will role model sharing techniques and encourage them to verbalize themselves.  They will explore their environment through sensory, art, language, and music & movement.  There is a lot of open ended as well as teacher oriented play happening so the toddlers can learn how to positively interact within their environment.  Toilet training is also an important part of their day and done so with positive praise.      


Preschool & Pre-kindergarten Classrooms


These classrooms are filled with playing and learning.  Play is an important part of their schedule as the children learn how to role play, build, count, sort, negotiate, and write.  They learn best when they can explore at their own pace and be an active part of their room.  They are exposed to reading, writing, language, art, music, dramatic play, block building, math skills, and science concepts.  Our curriculum is designed to ensure their developmental milestones are met and geared to their learning ability.  In the pre-k room learning is enhanced to prepare the children for kindergarten.     ​

This classroom provides an atmosphere where children can relax after being in school all day.  They can also join in daily group discussions along with art and science activities.  They are encouraged to have some input on the activities that are planned for the week.  There are a variety of open ended activities as well, ex. painting, drawing, playing board/card games, building with legos, and puzzle making.  Extra care is available for non-school days, vacations including throughout the summertime.